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CHC is locally owned and managed. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  All staff members are covered by Workers Compensation. 

Custom Home Care (CHC) is a premier non-medical in-home care agency that provides a wide range of services with a focus on Transitional Care and Corrective Exercise Programs. We provide care during your recovery and focus on your post-rehab physical therapy regimen as well as help with the tasks of daily life. We offer a personalized 1:1 post-rehab strength and conditioning training program targeted to address Low Back Pain, Knee and Shoulder Pain and other joint injuries to assist you in regaining your strength and mobility.  We also offer Integrated Training which enhances flexibility, cardio, core, balance, agility and strength.

What differentiates our services is our comprehensive approach towards home care combined with a post-rehab strength and conditioning exercise plan. 

As the founder of CHC, I feel passionate about quality delivery of care.  My involvement in the care of family members with cancer and other chronic illnesses has enlightened me to seek out a future in Transitional Care giving to individuals recovering from an injury, illness or cancer the support they need to continue their recovery and get back to living a full life as fast as possible. 

I have spent over 17 years in corporate America in various leadership roles.  My training involved an engineering undergraduate background with an executive MBA (Summa Cum Laude).  I have always been an entrepreneur at heart spending many years developing products that address customers' specific needs, leading cross-functional teams to maintain various dynamic evolving programs and introducing newer products and innovations through collaborative efforts of various businesses.

My past experiences include in depth care of family members with chronic illnesses including cancer.  I have also suffered through many years of back injury and rehabilitation process with high quality personal trainers and physical therapists. These personal and familial experiences helped me to appreciate the importance of independence in the home setting.  I gained firsthand exposure to the fears that accompany a new and profound medical/oncologic diagnosis and the ramifications these diagnoses have with a ripple effect into the home life of the individual.  Having a trusted care partner through these trying times in your home is a vital part of the rehabilitation process.

I obtained my CPT certification and Corrective Exercise Specialization from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and offer comprehensive post-rehab strength and conditioning training programs customized to meet your specific need. My understanding of customized low-impact exercise routines, such as for my back injury, has led me to develop comprehensive corrective exercise and restoration programs to keep our clients active and help with mobility.  Some of my customized programs also include therapeutic exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight (overactive) muscles to help restore muscle balance and improve joint (pain free) movement.

The launch of CHC is a natural progression for myself to incorporate my business, personal and family experiences as assets to pay dividends into providing quality care to my community. My corporate experience in leadership, management, people development, and provision of high quality customer service along with my personal foray into health and wellness provides a unique blend of skills that translates into success at comprehensive care giving.

At CHC, we believe that wellness, exercise and a well balanced diet enhances your care plan and ensures success in achieving your goals!